It Was Here…

So after a morning of hardcore cleaning at the church I settle down in the garden, on what is an EXTREMELY hot day, taking wondeful shade underneath an overhanging plum tree. I check my emails and there’s a notification, a post from BJ at The River Walk.
It’s a post entitled “The Power of God At Work“.  It’s a good read, a VERY good read.
At the end BJ asks a question…”When was He (God) at His greatest in your life?”

I sat there for just a moment.  it didn’t take me long.  I was looking at this…


My heart filled with thanks, you see, there was a time when I could only look through the window on a sunny day.  My whole world having been shrunk as I endured long-term, bedridden illness.  My life had become very dark and very down.  I was desperately unhappy.  And besides being physically ill, I was enslaved in a world who’s only goal was to lead me away from the Truth and further onto the path of death!

So I looked upon the scene in the picture above, a garden growing, paints and brushes on the table, light…amazing light, air…fresh air, marvelling at me having been at work all morning and thought “I know when God was greatest in my life!”
It was when He finally pulled me out of bed and brought me into this life.
And it is a moment that has never stopped.
Every single day, my life is growing and growing.
Every single day He does the ‘greatest’ thing again.
Again and again, over and over…He never ceases to restore my life back to me.
In small ways, in large ways…it’s all the same.  It’s all Him. I can take no credit.
My life is the merciful workmanship of His hands alone.  If it had been left to me, I probably still would have been where I was.
But I’m not.  I called out to the Father who has been pursuing us all since the beginning of time.  And He answered my cry for help.
And so today, I am free.  Today I am redeemed.  Today I am well.  Today I am living in the Light.  Today I have a real life, not a fake one based upon earthly desires that were forever crumbling.
Today, my life is founded on the Rock.
Today I am His!

I pondered that question of BJ’s all day, it would not leave my mind, and thanks to God would not leave my heart.  I would love to share with you the moments today that God continued to glorify Himself through the view of my new life.
No longer a window to glance through, but a very real vision of His beauty made manifest.

It was here…as I looked up the garden.  An absolute blessing and vision of countryside beauty in the middle of town.

It was here…as I sat down to drink a cold glass of water in the kitchen, and just sat quietly as the light streamed through the window and thought to myself…peace, healing, blessing.


It was here…as I stood at the sink and burst into song, singing “You are stronger, You are stronger, sin is broken, You have saved me…”

It is here…as I opened the fridge and saw all that gorgeous, fresh food and burst with thankful excitement at knowing I have never having gone without, despite me not actually having had a actual monetary income for the last year!!!

It is here…simple one really…I had always wanted a glass fronted cupboard kitchen, old cottage style.  Oh yeah!…we have a God of detail!

It was here…as I thought at how a little girl had lovingly hand stitched this heart for me.
For me?!!  Just because she wanted to bless me.

It was here…as I looked up at the church building and realized what I do and where I live, that my life has purpose, meaning and life now!

It was here…

And here…

And here…


And here…as I saw how He has surrounded my life with beauty and light.
Gone is the darkness.  Gone is the depression
Here is my God, my Light, my All!!


And finally…it was here…when a few painted pebbles told the story of what it has always, and will always be about….

May you too know, or come to know, that God’s greatest moment was when He gave His love to you, through the sacrifice of His only Son and in doing so set you free too, from the power of sin and death.
May you know, or come to know, that He’s rescued you from darkness and brought you into His marrrrrvelous light!

God Bless
x x x