Community: A Revival of Brokenness

An absolutely awesome post from a young woman speaking God’s heart…community community community!! :)))) x

The Merry Pilgrim

Next to sincerity I regard a willingness to know and to be known as an early result of walking in the Light of God. – Spurgeon


Before creation existed , there was God, Elohim. God is love. God is family.  The Father and the Son and the Spirit, enjoying one another for eternity, overflowed and combusted into the expression of creative power that set the universe in motion.

The Father said: I want a family. I want my son to have a Bride. I want to have a couple billion children.

In the beginning, God was Love. And the Father said: “Let’s make a family.”

So they made our hands, faces, our feet, our hearts, to know and be known by God.

God made it all and said it was good. Sky: Good. Trees: Good. Sharks: Good. Kittens: Good. Everything was very good. No death. No sadness. No fear. How…

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