Accompanying Jesus

“Soon afterward, Jesus went on through towns and villages, preaching and bringing the good news (the Gospel) of the Kingdom of God.  And the twelve apostles were with Him.  And also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had been expelled; And Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s household manager; and Susanna; and many others, who ministered to and provided for Him and them out of their property and personal belongings”.  Luke 7:1-3

I encourage you to meditate on these few questions for a moment using the women written about here as an example…

– Do I minister to Him?  What a question that is!!  Do I start my day ministering to my King, enquiring of HIS needs for this day?  Or, do I only enquire Him of my own?!
– Do I come before Him and ask “What do YOU need of me this day Lord; How can I assist YOU?”
– When did I last put my own comfort before His needs?  When did I cross the road to avoid a person, not open the front door, not answer the phone, stay in bed, not help someone, not provide for someone etc etc…?

– Are my property and belongings open to being used?

– Am I providing for Jesus with the sacrificial surrender of my life/my body, to be used as and when HE chooses?

– Do I consider that it is Jesus himself who shares the Gospel through me?  I don’t have to strive to deliver a ‘good speech’ to someone, I only have to deliver myself up to be used by Him, resting in the knowledge that it is Him that binds up the broken hearted and opens the prisons of all those who are bound.

What are His needs?  Well, St Theresa of Avila says this…
“Christ has no body now on earth but ours, no hands but ours, no feet but ours. Ours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good”

Within the truth of God’s self-sufficiency, we, as His children and representatives, have been chosen to carry and manifest His presence to the people of this world.  The ministry of Jesus, when He was walking this earth, is the very same thing He is doing now.  In the time when the verses above were lived out, the women accompanying Him ministered to Him and the apostles in a very practical way – food, money, shelter, washing etc.  We could wrongly believe that Jesus doesn’t have practical needs today.  He does.  He needs us to be available….to give of ourselves, our lives and our hearts, to such a degree that our first thought in the morning will be “How can I minister to YOU today Lord?  How can I accompany YOU today as You seek to touch the lives of those You love?”

This has really challenged me, encouraged me and stirred me up and I have once again been brought back to the simple truth….
My life is not about my own needs.  And neither is it about everyone else’s.  My life is about HIS needs first and foremost!  In accompanying Jesus and ministering to Him, myself and everyone else’s needs are taken care of.  Yes, God’s Word says that I should ask, that I should make my specific requests known and of course I need to look to God as my provider and love my neighbour and take care of the poor, the lost and the oppressed..but…if I were to really listen to what I pray about, even in my prayers for ministering to others, would they be more about me and my needs, than His???

God Bless x


9 thoughts on “Accompanying Jesus

  1. Reblogged this on Liv4Christ4ever and commented:
    Wow what insight! It’s Christ’s love that draws us to Him but it’s our love for Him that changes the game. After being overwhelmed with the understanding that He knows everything about us and yet still loves us our love for Him compels us to render service. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. Sharon,

    2 thoughts. This is a very timely and challenging encouragement to me in this season.

    1. “Do I consider that it is Jesus himself who shares the Gospel through me? I don’t have to strive to deliver a ‘good speech’ to someone, I only have to deliver myself up to be used by Him, resting in the knowledge that it is Him that binds up the broken hearted and opens the prisons of all those who are bound”.

    —- Just today I spent a long time talking to an elderly, lonely gent who was asking tough questions about “religion” and why nobody wanted to bother with him. The main thing I offered today was space and time to speak (partly because I felt the pressure to give a “tidy”, non-jargony answer in line with the instruction of 1 Peter 3:15). Here was a broken-hearted man who I sensed in the spirit didn’t necessarily want an answer, but just to be heard. You know what? By the time he was leaving, the penny finally dropped and this revelation is confirmed tonight in reading this sentence that you wrote, “not a good speech but just to deliver myself up to be used by Him”. He, the Lord God Almighty did all the rest. The man looked back a couple of times as he was leaving the room and that’s when I realised the spiritual battle was being won not because I said or didn’t say the right words, but because of love, God’s love (1 Cor 13).

    2. “Do I minister to Him? What a question that is!! Do I start my day ministering to my King, enquiring of HIS needs for this day? Or, do I only enquire Him of my own?!”

    — Super-challenging. No I don’t. I thank Him for a new day and His tender mercies, but this is followed quickly by my requests for my heart’s desires. Its dawning on me now that He already knows what I require and even what I would like to have/ see happen. I always had that as head-knowledge but I pray I will KNOW that as heart-assurance. Matthew 6:8 – He knows before I have asked.
    When one gets a grip on that (thankyou for sharing this revelation), one can begin to get beyond scratching the surface, to intentionally enquiring of and deeply wanting to know what God wants. Of course God doesn’t NEED us to accomplish His purposed, but my, doesn’t He just LOVE consecrated lovers who would PULL heaven down by going beyond the status quo in uni-dimensional relationship with Him?

    Ponder-worthy stuff as always, Shar. We, the church are blessed (t’is no understatement) by your inclusion in the body.

    • Oh Sam…what an awesome comment, a post in itself. I thank the Lord for the testimony of you and the gentleman today and was touched in my heart as I read it, that indeed this is what Jesus ‘needs’from us. God bless ya brother :))

  3. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:
    Grace and Truth – what is the point of embracing any “of that” unless we also embrace the maybes and the whys … might these words be a big part? “He needs us to be available”

    Thank you Sharon: six very powerful words I too often forget.

  4. Thank you for these thought provoking words, and for the enlightening questions. This is a simple truth that is too easy to “overlook.” I needed to hear this today.

    Have a blessed day! Bernadette

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