Think Again!

I learnt a few valuables things at the funeral of a homeless man today, that made me…think again.

Firstly, everybody is somebody….
The man was an epileptic, schizophrenic, homeless alcoholic.  He was aggressive and argumentative at times and so, he was hard to handle at times.  He walked about alone and refused any real help out of his situation.  But, as I watched his mother and father, sister, cousin and niece crying their eyes out today, I realised that everybody is somebody to someone.  Underneath his fragile broken shell, he was somebody’s son, brother, cousin and much loved uncle.

To God, we are ALL somebody!

Secondly, brokenness does NOT negate love….
There was complete openness today with regards to what the man had struggled with.  Everyone was fully aware of the way his mind, health and addiction had deteriorated and caused him to become one of life’s outcasts.  But, whatever he had succumbed to, however he had seemingly failed in this lifetime, regardless of his addiction and no matter the pain it had caused his family, it did not prevent his family from loving him.  Oh, how they all loved him.

Our brokenness does NOT prevent God from loving us!

Thirdly, we’re somebody’s somebody….
There are many mixed opinions regarding feeding the homeless.  Should we, shouldn’t we?  Do we just become a crutch for them, enabling them to feed their habit?  Are they my ‘neighbour’ or is that just a Christian brother or sister?
Even though feeding the homeless is what I do, I too have battled with mixed feelings on the subject at times. Am I really making a difference as I give out a cup of tea and a chicken curry?  I believe that today, God showed me a new perspective which has smashed any doubts to pieces.
The man’s family were so grateful for what we did for him. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” they said over and over.  Often, families are the last people that can help in a situation like his.  It’s too close, too painful or their help is simply rejected.  It seemed to bring them great comfort to know he had at least been looked after in even the smallest of ways.  And that got me thinking.  If I had a daughter, a son…if YOU had a daughter, a son…and that child, after years of nurturing suddenly went off the rails, and wound up ‘out there’, in the big wide world alone, far away from you, wouldn’t you want to know that they were being cared for?  No matter what they had done, no matter how low they had sunk, no matter how helpless you felt, wouldn’t you be praying every night that someone, somewhere was helping them?  Wouldn’t you want to know that wherever they were that night, someone, somewhere, would be willing to lay all judgement aside and just feed them, clothe them?  I have no children, yet I can tangibly feel a parental desperation in my heart tonight at even the imagining of such a situation. Whatever terrible course their life had taken, no matter how much I couldn’t help them, would the desire that they were being cared for ever go away???

God as THE Parent of all parents, sends US, calls US, asks US, to love His children…wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.  You, me, we may be the only somebody that somebody’s got!

– We are of infinite value to our Father.  He sent His only Son to die in our place so that we could be reconciled to Him.
– Our brokenness doesn’t surprise God, faze Him, daunt Him or offend Him.  It doesn’t put Him off.  While we were dead in our sins Christ died for us.
– God created ALL of us – “ALL things were made through Him and without Him was NOT ANYTHING made that was made”.  Whilst our rebellion and rejection of Him does hinder us having a full, reconciled relationship with Him, it does NOT negate His love for us!  “For God SO LOVED THE WORLD, that He sent His only Son…”

So the next time you think you’re not good enough…think again!
The next time you think, I’ve done too much…think again!
The next time you think someone else isn’t worth it…think again!