About This Blog

I try and try to pinpoint some theme to this Blog, I try to say…it’s gonna follow this format and I’m gonna do it this many times etc etc etc, but, whatever I seem to plan with it, it never happens.

So…I’ve stopped planning!  And…I’ve stopped trying to define what it is!

What I can tell you, is that it’s about God.  It starts with Him, ends with Him and is centred on Him…because I am all those things in Him!

I don’t write often, I can’t touch type and it can take me hours.  But some days I just get this urge and it won’t go away until I do…so I painstakingly (and joyfully) share what the Lord has placed on my heart.

I don’t come with fancy words or grand theological ideas, I come with love, experience and a heart turned towards God.

I am simply just ‘a sinful woman forgiven’ who delights in sharing that in all ways.

I pray that something you read here will touch you, inspire you and ultimately bring you closer to the King of Kings, the Lover of our souls!

God Bless

Much love everyone


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